Hirers Terms and Regulations

For information on the Long Term hire of the Rainbow room please click here


1.  Telephone and verbal bookings will be held provisionally for up to seven days.

2.  All hirers will be required to complete and sign an occasional hiring agreement form.

3.  A 25% deposit is required on completion of the occasional hiring agreement.  This deposit will be retained if the booking is cancelled by the hirer. The balance of the hire charge must be paid no later than fourteen days before the event.

4.  Hours booked must include time for preparation and clearing up. If the hall or room is not vacated within fifteen minutes of the time booked, an extra hour will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate.

5.  The hirer must be over 21 years of age and must exercise general supervision for the period of hire.  The hirer is responsible for the cost of repair of any damage caused during or as a result of the booking.

6.  A returnable deposit is required on bookings for dances, discos, parties and wedding receptions, against extra cleaning, breakage’s, overrunning etc. This deposit must be paid no later than 14 days before the date of the booking, and will be refunded within 10 days at the R.C.A.’s discretion.

7. Hirers are responsible for their own property at all times.  The R.C.A. cannot be held responsible for the safety of any property left on the premises and it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure any electrical equipment they bring in meets health, safety and fire regulations.

8) Hirers must provide their own cloths for washing, wiping up and cleaning round.

9) Some equipment in the kitchen is provided to cleaning up after your hire.

10) Party Poppers and streamers are not allowed in the Sports Hall area as they unfortunately stain the floor and we are unable to clean the marks off.

11) Adult parties that have a licensed bar must display the Temporary Event Notice and license of bar supplier and give the bar suppliers details to the office before the event.

12) During the period of hire the hirer is responsible for:

           a) supervision of car-parking arrangements to avoid obstruction both of the highway and at the entrance to and exits from the Centre;      

            b) supervision of the premises, protection of the fabric and contents, safety from damage however slight, and for any alterations carried out for the purpose of the hiring;

            c) ensuring that no one smokes inside the building (this is very important and as all know it is a legal requirement);

            d) ensuring that all Exit doors and heaters are not blocked with chairs or any other equipment;

            e) ensuring that food, glasses and bottles are not left outside on the grass or car park


             f) the behaviour of all persons using the premises, whatever their capacity, particularly ensuring that they not disturb the local residents during the event and, that at the end of the event they leave the premises quietly, especially if this is late at night.

 13) After the hiring the hirer is responsible for:      

            a) cleaning all tables and chairs used and returning them to their correct storage place;

            b) cleaning the sink, draining boards and all work surfaces in the kitchen;

            c) sweeping /hoovering the floors/carpets;

            d) emptying waste bins and removal of all rubbish and bottles (the large rubbish bin outside can be used, but if full take rubbish home.  (No rubbish be left on the ground next to it);

            e) ensuring that all room(s) used are left in a clean and tidy state (this includes the kitchen, toilets, showers, entrance halls, landing and staircases);

            f)  checking that there are no smouldering fires or cigarettes left burning;

            g) checking that heaters and cookers are turned off;

            h) closing and securing all windows;

            i)  turning out all lights;

            j)  closing all internal doors;


            k) ensuring that the front door is closed and secure on leaving.

14.       If using the kitchen our insurers and fire prevention officers have declined the use of deep fat fryers or frying of any kind.  Please do not bring any fryer into the building or use them in any part of the centre.


Document Reviewed July 2019


It is against the law to SMOKE inside the building at any time.  We would appreciate you disposing of your cigarette ends responsibly (bins are provided) when smoking outside the centre. Thank you.

1.         In the event of a fire, the person in charge of the hall or function will instruct all persons to leave the building, using the nearest available exits, and congregate outside the shop opposite the Centre.   Also make sure the fire alarm is sounding before you leave the building to alert everyone in the building.

2.         Call the Fire Brigade (the nearest available telephone is in the shop opposite the centre)  

Dial 999 and give this address: –

Coombes Community Centre,

Burns Road, Royston, SG8 5PT

3.         Attendees should ensure that once the hall has been evacuated, members of       the public do not re-enter the building to collect personal possessions etc.

4.         On the arrival of the Fire Brigade, the person in charge of the hall  should report  to the  Officer in  Charge that all  persons are safe, or  should inform  him/her of their last known position.

5.         Emergency contact numbers for the centre are will be provided with your booking.