About Us

     The Royston Community Association (RCA) is a voluntary organisation formed in 1976 to promote social, welfare and recreational activities for people of all ages living in Royston and the surrounding area.

    The RCA run the Coombes Community Centre, situated on Burns Road in Royston, which was purpose built in 1987, whose facilities can be booked by organisations and individuals.

The Coombes Community Centre offers facilities to allow a wide range of social, welfare, self-help, educational, leisure and sporting activities to run throughout the day.

    We offer encouragement and practical assistance to anyone wishing to start up new activities for the community.

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ROYSTON HUB – a contact web site for Royston

Royston Hub, whilst not part of the RCA, is a website created to serve our community. There are many people in our community that require help and support. Loneliness, physical or mental challenges are some of the problems. Good news is that there are plenty of loving and kind people, support groups, charities and organisations offering help. Royston Hub is an Online Hub designed by a local resident with the aim to serve our community to make people’s lives better. If you are one of those who require and are searching for help, you could find it here.