About Us

Following the Prime Ministers latest announcements and guidance from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government instructing Community Centres to be closed to the public – we are of course complying with that directive and we are now CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. However, the centre will be maintained and ready for any sort of emergency use that may be required. The phone and emails will be checked from time to time.

Stay safe everyone and we look forward to greeting you all back at the centre some time soon.

     The Royston Community Association is a voluntary organisation formed in 1976 to promote social, welfare and recreational activities for people of all ages living in Royston and the surrounding area.

    At Coombes Community Centre there are activities which offer a wide range of social, welfare, self-help, educational, leisure and sporting opportunities.

    The RCA run the Coombes Community Centre, situated on Burns Road in Royston, which was purpose built in 1987, whose facilities can be booked by organisations and individuals.

    We offer encouragement and practical assistance to anyone wishing to start up new activities for the community.